About ekarda

Holiday eCards for Both business and enterprise customers

We offer Holiday eCards in multiple languages for customers across the globe. Initially we created the Holiday eCards then shipped them out manually on behalf of our clientele. In 2009, we were contacted by a client who needed to enable staff in 2000 separate offices to send their own Holiday eCards. We set-about producing the very first system globally to empower businesses to deliver their own Holiday eCards. Since that time - our business and the software that powers it has gone from strength to strength to become the best eCard software empowering a multitude of of organisations across the globe.

As of now, there are more than 17000 companies utilizing our eCard software. Some of our business clients have over 20,000 personnel utilizing our platform and we have clients from most countries worldwide. As the leaders of 'Holiday eCards for Business' - we invite you to take a free trial of the applications.

Not only the best software - but fanatical support

We realize that our clients aren't machines so they require a human to assist occasionally. We would like to help you get up and running with the system so do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We offer support via phone, online chat and email 24 hours / 5 days per week throughout the Holiday season . As we support clients globally, we will respond to you in 24 hours max at some other times of the year through phone or email.

Created for business from the very beginning

We create Holiday eCards for business, corporate and Fortune 2000 clients and our platform was created from the outset to meet this need. We've refined the system to make it easy to use and have designed an impressive variety of corporate Holiday eCards for multiple events.

Take a look at our gallery for a look at the quality of our Holiday eCards for yourself.

The best Holiday eCards available

We believe that Holiday eCards should be beautiful and functional. Our software is the only system available globally that allows you to deliver full-screen, animated, interactive and personal Holiday eCards.

All Cards that we create are fully responsive to make certain they show on every device . We use HTML5 to make our Interactive cards along with picture personalisation to create a truly engaging experience for your customers, staff and business contacts.

Working together to safeguard our environment

Back in the bad old days when Holiday eCards were cheap and nasty - we recognized the opportunity to offer beautiful branded Holiday eCards for businesses which would significantly reduce C02 emissions, save trees and help safeguard our planet. With our customers we've helped save countless printed cards from being fabricated and delivered.