Features Overview

ekarda's eCard Software Features

Manage contact lists

Manage all your contacts by creating lists and adding any relevant contacts. Having separate lists keeps you organised and eliminates the need to search one large contacts list. You may create as many contact lists as you require. In the list view – you can select any contacts who have bounced or unsubscribed for further processing plus there is full search capability.

Import or add one-by-one

ekarda has a built-in import capability to enable you to import your contacts with ease. Upload your MS Excel spreadsheet and import thousands of contacts in one hit – or you can easily add a contact on-the-fly and send out an eCard right away.

Unsubscribe / Bounce Management

In the unlikely event that any of your contacts wish to unsubscribe from receiving your eCards – ekarda has built-in functionality to handle that for you. If any of your emails bounce – ekarda will collect the bounce for you (hard bounces only) and move the contact to a bounce list for you.

Create Custom Fields

Segment your contacts easily by creating custom fields. Custom fields can be based on text, numbers or dates e.g. customer type, customer anniversary or birthday or products / services purchased. These fields allow you to target specific groups or individuals with the right message at the right time.