Features Overview

ekarda's eCard Software Features

Account set-up

As the person opening the ekarda account for your organisation – you are the administrator. This allows you to access a variety of admin-only features to make it easy for you and your staff to send eCards. Administrator features enable you to:
– Purchase eCard credits & senders
– Enable senders
– Upload logos
– Restrict Card Designs
– Control default messages on cards
– Manage the eCard footer

Control messages and designs

Strengthen and maintain your brand identity by overseeing the eCard designs and messages that your senders can use. Limit your authorised senders to specific designs and messages, or allow them to choose any design and compose their own messages. Set these options easily in your card setup.

Upload Logos

Brand your eCards. As administrator, you are in control of uploading your logo/s and selecting the display size. You can upload multiple logos for multiple brands. Your authorised senders then choose the appropriate logo within your organisation.

Customise Footer

Say more with a customised footer. As administrator, you can set up a customised footer to appear at the bottom of all eCards for your business. This can be anything from a message about a charity supported by your business to a note on your environmentally responsible choice of an eCard.

Social Media

Enable your eCards to be shared on Facebook and Twitter. eCard recipients can share links to their eCards with one click. As administrator, you control which links are available by checking a box in your eCard setup.

Custom Designs

If none of the designs in our eCard gallery suit your needs or you have specific artwork requirements, request custom eCard designs for your exclusive use. Simply log in and supply your brief and artwork. As administrator, you manage all your custom eCard requests directly from your custom eCards page.