Features Overview

ekarda's eCard Software Features

Add senders

Empower any number of your co-workers to send eCards. Simply import or cut-and-paste each staff member’s name and email address into your list of authorised senders and they’ll receive login details allowing them to send out eCards using eCard credits from your admin account. Authorised senders are able to manage contact lists, view reports and more.

Send on behalf of others

Assist your management & co-workers by sending eCards for them. As administrator, you can send on behalf of any of your authorised senders. Simply choose the sender name/email address from a drop-down menu and your eCards will appear in the recipient’s inbox from that name and email address. Any replies to the eCards will be sent to the correct person within your organisation automatically.

Invite & Remind Senders

ekarda enables you to contact your senders at any time by sending them a reminder email. Let your staff members know about new cards and card sending opportunities as well as provide their login details to them enabling them to easily and quickly access the ekarda platform.

View Reports on Senders

Login to ekarda at any time to see how each of your senders are using ekarda. You can see exactly how many cards they have sent along with the date of their last login. Some clients use this feature if they are running a franchise so they can bill each franchisee for their share of the total cost.