Features Overview

ekarda's eCard Software Features

How to send an eCard

Sending a once-off eCard to your contacts with ekarda is easy. If you want to set-up a special email to automatically send out a card to your contacts on (or just before) their birthday – that’s possible too!

You can also schedule your cards in advance so you can set-and-forget and be sure that your eCards will land exactly when you want them too! Check out the video on how to send an eCard.

Send Now or Schedule

Send your eCards as soon as they are designed and your recipients receive them in their inboxes instantly. Or schedule your eCards to be sent at a future date or time: you can schedule your Christmas cards months ahead and not have to worry about them again.

Date matching eCards

Automatically send eCards on dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. Simply import your customer’s details including their date-of-birth into ekarda and set-up a birthday card for thousands of your contacts in minutes. Or set-up anniversary eCards – thanking your customers for their business or reminding them of upcoming events.

Open Reporting

Keep track of every eCard that you send with open reporting. Each eCard has its own report, outlining whom it was sent to, on what date it was sent, who has opened their eCard and which eCards if any have bounced.